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Here is a list of requested actions our most successful clients follow through on:

1. Create a 1-minute self-promotion video about your business on your iPhone and send it to us at the beginning of your service agreement if you're participating in a long-term service agreement for digital marketing.

2. Send us images of business happenings at least four times a week.

3. Give us access to all accounts and social media information when we need it.

4. Give us the most recent version of their business plan when we need it.

5. Get us all of their most recent QuickBooks information related to your Customer Relationship Management system we have set up for you.

6. Answer your phone when we call, call back very quickly, or respond with a text as soon as you can. Communication is vital.

7. Understand that it takes three - six months to rank on Google.

8. Read the information we post on our website

9. Read your monthly Google share doc reports that we update monthly. - THIS IS CRUCIAL.

10. Pay us on time. - We must be able to meet the expenses that are related to servicing your contract. If payments to Ailie are not made, service stops

  • FIRST 3 STEPS Of Your Service Agreement:

There are three steps to signing your company with Ailie for a service agreement.


We want to give you the best experience possible. Therefore we have to be thorough in our discovery process and package design for your particular needs. 



You will be sent an initial form by your onboarding team that will help us get to know you and your company,


When you and your company decides to take on Ailie as its digital marketing agency, we must initially analyze your internet visibility and online reputation to provide you with the best service possible. Your final choice of our options will significantly impact your path of success. We want the choices you make to be well informed.


We will then schedule your "MAKING THE CHOICE" meeting via online scheduling.


  • 2nd Phase: MAKING THE CHOICE:

During this second meeting, we will guide you through the process of choosing the very best option that will support the ultimate success plan for your business based on our discoveries.



Your account handler will sign your service agreement documents via Adobe auto sign


Your auto-billing will commence on that day and renew every month for the next six months, thirty days from the day of this final meeting. 



When you enter into a service agreement with Ailie, you may want to Google "HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO RANK A SITE?". You will find some beneficial information. We want to remind everyone that ranking on Google results from all of the services listed for SEO working together. So if you do not pay us to do one of these services, such as social media, it is imperative that you have someone working on your business's social media. 


It is a proven fact that it can take anywhere from three to six months to rank a website on Google's first page for your primary search terms.


You can also read our FAQ page to get more information on this topic. When we are working on ranking your site, we are working with Google's ever-changing algorithm for ranking. It is not Ailie telling Google to rank your site. We follow Google's ever-changing guidelines to do everything we can to rank your site. 



If a service you would like to be performed is not in your service agreement, Ailie reserves the right to tack on additional costs for performing these tasks. 



You also need to understand that the financial agreement you have entered into covers many costs associated with performing the task involved in your service agreement. Many parties are involved in the contract and must be paid to help you grow your business. When you don't pay us, many services are adversely affected. In turn, Ailie must refuse to do business with anyone that does not fulfill their financial agreement with us. 


When you enter into a business relationship with Ailie it is considered a contract. Every agreement starts with a contractual service agreement attached to an invoice and will be signed via Adobe auto sign. Every service agreement must be paid in full by the signed client.


When you submit your first payment, you are committing to the contents of the contract. While we understand financial adversity, we must get paid for our work. If you do not sign the contract you are still committed to paying in full based on the fact that you made your first payment.


You can choose to finance as an option to secure your service agreement with us. This way, your services with us are not bound to your financial contract with the lender who supplies our financing. 


If you can not afford the project, contact us and renegotiate before you are sent the first invoice/contract and make your first payment. This may require looking at your budget, break-even analysis, or cash flow projections. You need to be clear that the cost is going to work for you before you start the project and your commitment. You need to know that you can afford it while you are meeting all other previously accounted for and agreed upon costs, whether business or personal. 



Your initial agreement holds and payment is due as stated in the original contract. This is non-negotiable. Your contract is based on the terms of the agreement. It is not based on whether or not you may get a certain number of calls from a certain advertising platform or decide to monetize the outcome of your service agreement. Your agreement is based on services rendered. 



If you do not make your auto-payment on the date it is due to your site and all services will stop functioning within forty-eight hours. You will get a phone call or a text when you are twenty-four hours late asking for payment and warning you that your services will stop if payment is not made. 



If you have a project that requires more than one payment you must save a credit card to file when you receive your invoice. If you don't the project will not begin. If this card does not work when your next payment is due, you will 1st receive a call from us ask for payment within twenty-four hours, then if payment is not made, your site will come down after three days of non-payment, and all work will cease unless the amount is due is remedied with full payment. You will only be contacted once about this via phone, text, or email.



Rates increase with each renewed contract based on the growth of your business. After the initial contract expires, we will ask for an update on your gross sales. If it has increased, our rate will increase by an average percent. This is because of the demands that growth presents digital marketing with the need to service more traffic and the cost it has to bear. 



If your company is growing rapidly as a result of our service and your supply is strained to meet the increased demand, we may make suggestions that will enhance your performance and, in the long run, making cash flows more accessible.



If you feel the need to hire a project manager, in relation to your project with us, you must discuss this before the project begins. It is time-consuming for Ailie to deal with more than one person per project and needs to be put into the original cost analysis of the project by Ailie. If we are not informed upfront, we may attach a fee for the extra time this can take.



There must be an emergency contact phone number left with us and needs to be submitted with your first invoice. We will not start the contract without an emergency contact phone number.



If there is an emergency, we must be notified by you or someone aware of your contract with us.



Understand that if there is a balance due at termination of the service agreement based on non-payment and it is not paid within two weeks, it will be sent to collections. Our collections department will contact you within a week of assuming your balance.



All service agreements will be terminated after the client involved is 48 hours late up to three times.



All sales final, no refunds or reimbursements. Once your agreement is signed, the payments are for the duration of the schedule in the service agreement.



Ailie reserves the right to initiate collections within the first thirty days of missing a payment and to continue to do so until payment is made.



We service three industries per zip code unless there is a direct conflict of interest. In that case, we decline service.



Ailie has the right to terminate any contract if the client is not appropriately licensed for their industry or misleading the public in any way about licensure or incorporation. Included, if the client has engaged in legal issues that will hinder marketing strategies due to decreased positive reputation Ailie has the right to terminate any contract and remove all connection between Ailie and the client's company, including marketing materials and website hosting. 


Ailie has the right to implement organization tools for gathering information and communicating in a manner that is used within our group practice. There is an information gathering form that is sent at the inception of every service agreement. It must be filled out by the client and return via email so that Ailie has all the access they need to all social media accounts and interactive media platforms. If this information is not given, work will stop.



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