Ailie Ham, Owner, Designer & Developer


Ailie Ham has 30 years of artistic and business experience. She has over ten years of experience in website design and digital marketing. 

The compilation of her skill sets has given her a unique perspective from which to guide clients from Cape Cod, Florida, Oklahoma, San Diego, and nationwide, who are motivated to reinvent or launch their brand through progressive digital marketing.

She believes that creating a business is an extension of the owner's vision and passion. 

Having graduated at the top of her class from Maryland Institute College of Art, she has a creative perspective on the digital world that gives each project she touches a unique opportunity to grow.

She strongly believes in the power of positive intention and focused drive when growing any business. 

Collaboration is a central part of her operation. Hierarchy in business structures is an archaic concept. Rather than operate vertically, young companies are now interacting on a horizontal playing field. This is the new paradigm in strategic interactive business structures. 

All contributors to this agency are considered creative collaborators. We work together to bring about the very best experience for businesses. 

First comes the dream and then the action.


Ailie Inc values TEAM players. 


April Heaslip,
Bi-Lingual Content Writer

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Ashley Shae,
Social   Engagement


Adam Newton,
Senior Content Writer


Joseph Cain,
South East & Mid West Sales


At Ailie we make sure that your vision is transcribed through your internet presence.


Your web presence says everything about your business and your brand.


There is no project too large or too small. Some of our clients want a simple rebuild on and some want ongoing digital marketing.


We believe in giving you what you need. 


We build your web presence in a way that supports what you need so you can have the most successful business experience possible. 

We listen to your needs and deliver what you want.

We back up our work with a fast turnaround time and high-quality work.

If you feel like you need help growing your business and just need ideas or guidance as to the direction you need to grow in we are here for you and your business. If you have specific goals such as SEO or web design we can take care of these issues separately and expeditiously.


We deliver what you need; Web Design, Creative Direction, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Analytics, Branding, Marketing, Management, Public Relationships, Federal Bid Servicing, DataBase Strategies, Financial Strategizing in Relationship to Product Completion and Production, Social Media Development, Marketing Strategizing, Growth and Product Analyzation, Break Even Analysis, Profit and Loss Projections, Business Plan Development, Business Consulting, and Coaching. 


We have partnerships with highly skilled collaborators that we bring in when we need extra eyes and ears. 


We believe that every business tells a story and in that story lies the keys to success. In each part of every success and failure, we can find answers to functional problems that can be fixed.

We offer you an opportunity to grow your business with our fresh approach to digital marketing through website design and creative management. We concept and design to meet the needs of your business. We are here for you. We answer the phone when you call and reply promptly to your email. Being Here for you when you need us is our priority.

We have supported many businesses into the position of realizing their full potential through superior digital marketing and business strategy utilization. 


Hanan Maqsood Awan,
 Infrastructure  Graphics Creation

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Hannah Goldman,
Beauty & Health Graphics Creation

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Chris Gellert,
Fitness Industry Content Creation