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Branding will make or break a new business. We want your business to succeed. You want the best brand management possible. Ailie Inc. will make this possible. 


Picking a search-relevant URL used to be the advice you would get from every industry "pro". Also picking a short URL was the advice. Not any longer. Your Domain name needs to reflect your business and also can reflect your location. Google's requirements for ranking change constantly, but currently, they are more interested in user experience. User experience starts with your URL. Google can interpret your domain choice any way the current algorithm suggests it could be relevant to user experience not gaming the system. And yes, even if you're a Fortune 500 company you need to be concerned with ranking. 

Domain / URL Naming

Brand Awareness

Elevated brand awareness can be a powerful tool to learn from. There are many companies that would have never gotten where they are if they did not have a powerful brand strategy in place from the beginning. 


Take Apple for a remarkable example. Due to many circumstances, they had to reinvent themselves many times over. But each stage of reincarnation was executed with a brand strategy, despite its execution in the end every reinvention added up and today 75% of the earth's population carries an Apple product on their person at all waking hours. 

World’s Top Brands

Other high recognition/awareness brands include Coca-Cola, Ford, Disney, AT&T, Nike, Warner Brothers (WB), McDonald's, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, Volvo… In tech, there’s Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Intel, Cisco, Samsung, LG… In sports, NBA stars who are brands include Shaq, LeBron, Steph Curry, Charles Barkley, Kyrie Irving (Uncle Drew), Kareem (Cap).  The NFL and MLB also have star players who are brands…

Brand Personality

A brand personality speaks to defining characteristics of a company’s products or services, as well as the demographic or other characteristics of their target market.  What kind of customers? What are they like in terms of values, lifestyle, and behavior? How can this be applied to your product and how can it service these audiences? 

Brand personality is a psychological tool that marries the needs of the public with an answer to questions they may have not even known they had. 

Company Naming Matters

When naming a small business, it is very easy to take a name that means something quite dear to you. It does not mean it will capture your demographic.  When thinking about companies that are now massive, but also started small, simple has always seemed to work well. Why? Because a short and crisp name is easy to remember. It is more about creating an engaging relationship with the audience than 100% sentiment. Sort and sweet can mean something to you, but it also needs to be relatable, short, and easy to seal to memory. 

If you want to relate to your audience, make it easy for them.

Tag Lines 

Tag lines define a brand or product direction and/or are emotionally catchy.  Nike: ‘JUST DO IT.’  Apple: ‘Think Different’.  Timex: ‘It Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking’.  BMW: ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’. GE: ‘We Bring Good Things to Life’. 


Positioning is about how and where your company fits in the marketplace. How it's defined, and how it compares positively to its competitors.  Business owners may have a good understanding of their markets.  But survey research could be used to validate opinions and viewpoints.  Focus groups may also be used.  Positioning should be data-driven.

Content must be strategically and creatively crafted and distributed across media, platforms, devices, etc.  In recent years, social media emerged as a marketing beast requiring unique customized content.  A business presence here is a must.

Distributing Content Across Media, Platforms & Devices (IoT)

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