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Digital Marketing & Consulting For The Spa Industry.

Our spa consultation process involves a team of experienced spa owners and managers. We have over eighty combined years of experience. Your business will flourish under our direction.

The following priorities start with an on-site evaluation. An evaluation of the following takes place: branding (which is related to the digital marketing portion of the consultation), the menu, spa design, spa therapies, spa equipment, spa employee culture, spa retailing, financial management, operation efficiency, staff training, development goals, and the functionality of the current business model. After the initial evaluation, a six-month plan involving digital marketing and website redesign is implemented. There is a plan submitted to the spa management and implemented. Then there is a weekly review of the progress. At the end of the six months, the expectation is that the spa will have massively increased in net revenue/profit margins and be ranked on the first page for all competitive keywords. The best visibility is supported by directed social media and commercial ad creation through Ailie Inc and this in-depth spa consulting process. 

Operating a spa can be a daunting task in and of itself, but maintaining a spa business in a post-2020 world can be even more difficult.  You worry about your brick-and-mortar business, how the changing laws and regulations will affect your business growth, and if you can even pull it off.


The number of obstacles to overcome seems riskier than the reward of trying, but you feel in your soul that this is the right thing.


What if there was a proven step-by-step process to help you get there?


We know what it takes to grow a successful business and make a lasting impact.


  • You can have the business of your dreams that makes money while helping people.


  • You can even start today by realizing that you can't do it all by yourself and that, that is okay.


  • If you take action, you could wake up a year from today with an even more profitable spa business.  Are you ready to find out?


Trying to figure it all out with no direction through Youtube and Google will continue to keep you stuck and lead you in circles with contradictory information.


You will come away from this spa consultation experience knowing how to create a spa  that exceeds all customers expectations, grow your business, and finally have the peace of mind and freedom you desire


If you're ready to take action and scale your business to the next level then let's move forward.

Embrace Bold Ideas And Win

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