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Compliance Audit Support And Preparation

Your compliance ally: AILIE & CTI Partners Consulting's partnership's proficient compliance audit support and preparation! Our collaboration offers organizations the expertise to become compliant with HIPAA, HITECH, COBIT, NIST800, and ISO27000.

We'll assess your data security, privacy protocols, and administrative procedures in order to identify vulnerabilities and provide tailored solutions for achieving compliance. We also offer step-by-step guidance and personalized recommendations to help foster a culture of data security excellence.

Our goal is to help organizations secure information, meet legal obligations and ensure that they are prepared for the future. With AILIE & CTI Partners Consulting's partnership, you can be sure that you're taking the right steps towards achieving compliance.

To learn more about how our service can help your organization, contact us today!

+1 (855) 683-1099


We are now offering Afterpay for purchases under $2,000. The option to use Afterpay will be attached to each invoice.

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