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Internet Security Tips

So much of our personal and business lives is found online these days, so remaining safe and secure online should always be a priority.

You know you shouldn't give out your personal information to anyone, but are you leaving yourself open to attacks with your personal social media posts? For example, if you let people know that you're out of town, you could attract the wrong type of attention.

Keep your profiles safe with strong passwords, and keep your computer or device updated with the latest security patches. Don't click any suspicious links (even if a friend has forwarded them), and check that any website you use is legitimate - look for online reviews, check that it is a secure connection (https - look for a padlock in the address bar), and never send money to a company you are unsure about.

At AILIE, Inc., we understand the need for digital security and offer tailored cybersecurity services for businesses of all sizes. We can help you protect your data and remain safe online.

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